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Thinking Out Loud: Gardening at Patriot Place

Head to the Eastern end of Columbia's Business Loop 70 and you'll find Patriot Place. The Columbia Housing Authority-owned apartments house U.S. veterans who have struggled to maintain their housing. At the back of the property lies a garden.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) / CDC

Missouri Weathers Fierce Flu Season

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Xerox is one of the United States' most recognizable companies — its name is synonymous with "photocopy." Now, the company that pioneered the computer mouse and other office technology will shed its independence, and come under the Japanese company Fujifilm's control in a $6.1 billion deal.

Fujifilm and Xerox established the Fuji Xerox joint venture in 1962. Fujifilm owns 75 percent of that joint venture. In the deal announced Wednesday, Fuji Xerox will buy back that stake from Fujifilm, and Fujifilm will use those profits to purchase 50.1 percent of Xerox shares.

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Today Paul Pepper visits with author DIANNA O'BRIEN about her book, "From Melon Fields to Moon Rocks." This rags-to-riches story of scientist and local entrepreneur, Charles Gehrke, is an inspiring tale of hard work, persistence and following your dream. At [3:38] CHERYL UNTERSCHUTZ tells us about Girls on the Run, a program that aims to inspire and encourage little girls to be "who they are and not what they are," all the while training for a 5K. January 31, 2018

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A ban on abortions after twenty weeks drew support and criticism on a hearing Tuesday night.

The proposed bill, one of more than bills related to abortion this session, prohibits an abortion after twenty weeks. Rep. Donna Lichtenegger, R-Jackson, the bill’s sponsor, chose this cutoff period because that is when the fetus can feel pain.

President Trump used his first State of the Union speech to call for unity, but once again associated illegal immigration with drugs and murder.  Congressional Republicans cheered him.  Democrats largely sat on their hands and grumbled during parts of his immigration remarks.  What did the news media have to say before and after the address?


The City of Columbia Parks and Recreation Department plans to hold events throughout February in honor of Black History Month. The goal of Black History Month this year is to celebrate local talent and recognize the achievements of African-Americans throughout history.  An African-American history display will be open every day in February at the Armory Sports Center near 7th and Ash Street.

A feasibility study announced Tuesday will look at the value and cost of an ultra-high-speed hyperloop system across Missouri, potentially moving people between St. Louis and Kansas City in a half-hour's time.

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Missouri Weathers Fierce Flu Season

20 hours ago
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) / CDC

Missouri has seen a major increase in flu cases this flu season. The season, which usually runs from October to May, has produced 53,769 cases of influenza in Missouri as of Jan. 20. And with the variety of strains and degrees, it’s often tough to predict the season’s end. 

 “We have seen an increase in the number of flu cases in the early part of the season,” Eric Stann, community relations specialist for Columbia/Boone County Health and Human Services said. “We have also recently seen a decrease in flu cases in comparison to recent weeks, but that does not mean that the flu season is over yet.” 

Mike Parson, R-Bolivar / Missouri State Senate Website

Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Parson is asking for a larger office budget to allow him to hire a personal driver.The request from Parson comes as Gov. Eric Greitens has proposed cuts in funding to colleges and universities and to social service programs. Both Greitens and Parson are Republicans.

 Parson said Tuesday that his budget of $541,000 needs an additional $50,000 so a driver is available for the many trips he takes on state business, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. Parson, a former state senator from Bolivar, said he traveled to 150 destinations in Missouri last year.

"I don't have anybody to help drive," Parson said in testimony Tuesday. "The state of Missouri is a big state. It takes a lot to travel."


The task force that recommended closing nearly 30 graduate programs and consolidating others at the University of Missouri's flagship campus used information from a flawed source criticized as unreliable and inadequate, a faculty group said.