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Trump touches down in St. Louis to bolster Hawley’s Senate bid

President Donald Trump swung through the St. Louis area on Wednesday to provide a financial boost for GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Josh Hawley. The visit comes as Hawley is viewing Trump as an asset in his bid to oust U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill.

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Facebook has suspended the data analytics firm that the Trump campaign relied on during the 2016 election, saying the firm improperly received user data and then may have failed to get rid of it.

On Friday, the social media giant announced that Cambridge Analytica; parent company Strategic Communication Laboratories; Christopher Wylie, who helped found Cambridge Analytica; and U.K.-based professor Aleksandr Kogan were all barred from Facebook pending an investigation.

In accordance with tradition, the Chicago River was dyed green Saturday morning in honor of St. Patrick's Day. According to The Chicago Tribune, Richard J. Daley, who served as Chicago's mayor from 1955 until his death in 1976, initially proposed dyeing part of Lake Michigan green instead. His friend Stephen M.

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The University of Missouri has opened applications for the nation’s first online master’s program in veterinary public health.

The online program will look into the role of animals in the health of human communities. Lise Saffran the program director said infectious diseases don’t observe geographic boundaries. “Public health is global health whether or not you’re going to live in Mid-Missouri and have your career here or whether you are travelling around the world.” She said.

Columbia Middle Schoolers Confined To Gymnasiums During Gun Safety Walkout

Mar 16, 2018
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As students across the country prepared to walk out of school in protest of lax gun laws Wednesday, some Columbia middle schoolers were prevented from participating and threatened with disciplinary action, according to students.

“I was disturbed and confused by the way the teachers told us to stay inside or else we would get in trouble,” Elizabeth Brown, a seventh-grader at Gentry Middle School, said. “The fact that we have to be in fear that we would be in trouble after a protest like that didn’t make sense to me.”

Missouri is defending a prison sentence for a man who committed robbery and other crimes on a single day when he was 16 and now isn't eligible for parole until he's 112 years old.

State Attorney General Josh Hawley says in a U.S. Supreme Court filing that defendant Bobby Bostic's 241-year sentence for 18 crimes does not violate the Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

The Maple Barn Radio Theatre players present "The Thelma Ibsen Matter," from the series "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar." The original aired Jan. 9, 1953.

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back local storyteller LARRY BROWN! On this St. Patrick's Day eve, Larry shares the story, "The Other Saint." Cloaks, kings and blueberry jam are just three of the many stops along the way in this hagiography of Ireland's Saint Brigid of Kildare. Watch! March 16, 2018

University of Missouri Law School / MU

A Democratic lawyer has filed an ethics complaint against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley over pro bono legal services he received in 2016.

Attorney Jane Dueker on Thursday filed the complaint against Hawley, who is the state's attorney general. Hawley's campaign spokeswoman, Kelli Ford, called the complaint a "frivolous" action by a Democrat.

missouri house floor
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The Missouri House has passed a proposal that would ban children 17 and younger from participating in mixed martial arts or professional kickboxing.

The bill, approved Thursday in a 112-29 vote, would put amateur kickboxing and both professional and mixed martial arts under state supervision. In an amateur mixed martial arts contest, elbow strikes to the head would no longer be allowed, nor would knee strikes to the head during the first five bouts. However, contestants could agree to allow knee strikes after that.

Callaway County Collector's Office

A mid-Missouri county collector has resigned after suspicious activity was found in the county's checking account.

Callaway County officials say collector Pam Oestreich resigned suddenly Thursday and the collector's office is closed until further notice.